Conductive Education Center of Orlando, CECO

Transforming the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities.

Since 2001, the Conductive Education Center of Orlando, Inc. (CECO), a 501(c)(3) a charitable organization, has offered programs that address the unmet educational and physical needs of individuals with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities. CECO provides several programs including school day, after school, early intervention, adult programs and summer camps all which focus on integrating an educational and physical motor planning to increase the independence of children and adults. Most programs feature a one-to-one student-staff ratio and individually tailored developmental plans to provide the optimal results for each participant.

CECO’S Mission
The mission of CECO is to enhance the independence of individuals with motor disabilities through Conductive Education, a holistic individualized program incorporating physical, social, and educational elements in a group setting.

CECO's Vision
The Conductive Education Center of Orlando improves and enhances the quality of life for individuals with motor disabilities and their families throughout the world.

About Conductive Education
Conductive education is an intensive, multi-disciplinary approach to education, training and development for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other motor disabilities. It strengthens the muscles and allows their central nervous system to form new neurological connections, despite neurological damage. These new connections help individuals with motor disabilities to control their bodies more effectively. With this control, they are able to grab and hold items, lift their bodies, stand, and even walk; eliminating their need for constant assistance. This approach helps individuals with motor disabilities achieve a meaningful and valuable education to experience a higher quality of life through greater physical independence.